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Last September when I wrote the post "Six Lessons Learned as a Mompreneur" I was feeling pretty good about the direction I was going in as a working mom and mompreneur. All the lessons I wrote in that post are still so applicable, and I like to read it frequently to remind myself of everything I've learned. But it's so incredible how much has changed since then. I resigned in July after a hectic six months of working full-time as a mom of two, and now I am going down a whole different path than what I planned.

I want to add more and grow YFT but it's been challenge after challenge. It's been tough not only finalizing designs, but also sourcing fabrics and notions, on top of having to plan photoshoots and visual marketing! I wasn't able to get a photoshoot together for the new designs. You make plans, then plans make you!

Alhamdulillah YFT was at the Caribbean American Muslim Convention in Queens and it was a great event. It was my first event as a vendor for YFT and I was happy with how it turned out. Also I fulfilled my first custom YFT order. I'm so excited to see where this thobe ends up!


 And these two cute guys got their first YFT thobes! Momma is Chelseyhijablove on Instagram and has her own business too - Scarves For Love.

YFT cool blue thobes

For store news, I'll be pausing the online store until April 2019. InshaAllah I'll relaunch with new designs, more sizes, and possibly a whole new website!

Keep up-to-date on my journey on my facebook and instagram pages. Thanks for your support in advance, I truly appreciate it!

-Ammara (@ammaraza)

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