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Doesn't Eid ul Adha arrive so quickly, right after we have - or haven't - put away the Ramadan and Eid decor? Gift shopping can be challenging too. Like what do you get the kids, your parents, or spouse that isn't something you just got them a month ago??

So I thought I would tackle this and provide a few gift suggestions. I hope you find it useful!

{p.s. I have a dedicated Ramadan + Eid shopping guide, Kids Eid Gift Guides for all ages, and Modern Moms + Dads Guide, which you can view here and here! Most of the items are from, available on Amazon Prime and are still available for purchase!}

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yft blog last minute eid gift guide

1. Essential Oil Diffuser, um, I need this!  Our apartment never feels (smells) great enough! I'm always lighting candles or incense. Especially with Fall around the corner, it's a great option to keeping a room feeling cozy. Another cute option is a wood and white one from the brand Asakuki and these color changing ones.

2. Trinket Trays - or any type of storage containers are practical and pretty gifts. The trays in the picture are from Target. A medium size is perfect for bigger items, I use mine for jewelry. Still useful for the guys who can put their watch, wallet and phone in one place!

3. Glass Insulated Cappuccino/Tea Cup Set - how cute is this? It makes a heart shape from the top so your instagram pic can look extra sweet!

4. A Cozy Throw Blanket - another Fall theme item. I have a few throw blankets and especially when you have kids and one is always in the wash, so parents can really appreciate a new one.      


yft blog last minute kids eid gift guide

1. The Moon of Masarrah - an exciting murder-mystery suspense novel, written by YFT's grandma, aka my mom, perfect for kids 10 and up! {And adults too!}

2. Kamigami Robot - I got this for my son last Eid and it's an amazing toy! It comes in pieces that you build. My husband built it as it is a little too technical for my 7 year old to do by himself. You download the app that has the build instructions as well as the controller to make it dance, move and walk around! We have the Scorpion. You can also find it in store at Target - and they price match to Amazon too!

3. Moon Lamp - a cool night light is one of the best gifts for kids. The one pictured is a larger moon lamp, but there are smaller versions too.

4. Personalized Gifts - I included this in our last Eid Gift Guide too. For last minute gift personalization and a gift for young kids and older kids, Things Remembered is a great store to go to! For my daughter's first birthday I bought her a beautiful jewelry box! Engraved items can be picked up the same day or within a couple days. YFT loved the bracelets and personalized toys available too! I love a bracelet as an Eid gift for kids, in both boy and girl versions.


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-Ammara (@ammaraza)


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