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eid spotted in yft


How was your Eid? Eid ul Adha always feels like less excitement than Eid ul Fitr! It's nice to have a relaxing day, yet also great to do something really fun! I'm really curious as to how everyone spent this Eid. Did you have a family dinner, go to a special outing, or only go to the Eid salah and had to go back to work?? That's definitely a reality for a lot of Muslims! We only went to Eid salah at the park with a local masjid, then spent the day watching the kids open and play with their gifts. I got really sick later on, so the big accomplishment was waking up early, getting myself and the kids dressed nicely, and, even better, not being late to Eid salah!

I was lucky to have the kids in their outfits the whole day! Definitely having a comfortable outfit helps. One thing I never liked about some thobes is how stiff and uncomfortable the collars are. No wonder the boys don't want to wear it for even one hour! Good thing YFT thobes are super comfortable so my son isn't even bothered wearing his thobe all day.

Happy to share this little gallery featuring a few SUPER COOL boys wearing YFT thobes!

 spotted in YFT

 YFT with @talhasmommy; @lee4bes; @faith_no_doubt; @noorsknits; @sumaira.z

Also, I know parents get worried about kids outgrowing items. Sumaira Z has a thorough review on her blog of her boys in the Sail Stripes thobes! She wrote an initial review plus a one year update of the thobes.

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-Ammara (@ammaraza)

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