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Last year I wrote a detailed two-part series on Hajj. {Read Brutally Honest Hajj Tips Part One and Two!}

I wrote this post as an easy to read and share product list! It's not a comprehensive list of every product you'll need, rather a quick list of super helpful products that no one commonly tells you about!

I've compiled essential clothing and wellness products you'll need in this post. The next will feature skincare and makeup essentials!

Keep in mind is that you're spending 5 days away from your hotel and in a tent! Bathrooms and sleeping areas are crowded, it's hot, and you're doing a lot of walking!

The more comfortable you feel, the more you will be able to get out of spiritually!

Please share this post those going on Hajj:) Now, onto the post!



Stay cool in lightweight, breathable, natural fibers. Linen, cotton & bamboo are great fabrics to wear.


From experience, the typical abayas/jilbabs will leave you sweating! I highly suggest wearing a flowy skirt with a loose top, or a long tunic with wide leg pants.

{For Amazon, read the size chart carefully and go up one to two sizes larger than your normal size. Many of these items have assorted colors, purchase a couple of different ones!}

 Cotton Linen Double Layer Skirt 

Linen Loose Pants 

Linen Blouse with front pocket

Linen Roll-Up Sleeve Blouse

 Linen Scoop-Neck Pleated Blouse 

Pull-Over Tunic Blouse

Embroidered Tunic (Plus sizes)

Modanisa Crew Neck Cotton-Linen Dress  - Item #744473 (Khaki), #1050906 (Blue), and #744477 (Green)


Haute Hijab, Culture Hijab, and Vela Scarves all have a great selection of cotton, viscose and modal scarves. However I mostly wore an Amira style hijab because it's easy and comfy without any wrapping or pins to think about.


 A sports bra with a front zip or pull-over style is your best choice to stay comfy.


Comfy running sneakers by Nike or Adiddas are your best choice.

Or sneakers with added sole inserts.

For Tawaf, no shoes are allowed inside the haraam so slipper socks are a better option than just socks or going barefoot.

{For the guys, pack comfy shoes and socks once out of ihram}



 A hanging toiletry organizer is necessary for your stay at Mina!

Hanging Toiletry Organizer

Hanging Toiletry Organizer - Assorted Prints

Space Saving Quick Dry Travel Towels

Hand Sanitizer Pack with Aloe (aloe for extra moisture, plus there's no soap anywhere, so bring your own everywhere, especially to Mina!)



Will you get sick on Hajj? Most probably yes! So come prepared. I had my doctor give me a Z-pac (antibiotics) in advance.

Another necessity are energy drink packets! Mix into regular water. And don't forget to bring your own water bottle for refills.

A misting fan, you'll be SO GLAD you brought this, trust me!

 A Twin Sheet Set for your stay in the tents! (Otherwise you're sleeping on a mattress thousands of others have slept on!)


If you used my suggestions please let me know! And if you have an item to share, note it in the comments and help everyone out!

Also, please follow YFT by ammaraza on facebook and instagram! Thanks for your support in advance, I truly appreciate it!

p.s. My original post linked two other amazing bloggers who gave packing suggestions: Simply in Control and Chai with Sahar for more Hajj tips!


*Links in this post are potential affiliate links. I earn a commission through Amazon's Affiliates program (pending my approval into the Affiliates program) if you make a purchase through my Amazon links, which helps support my business, at no extra cost to you! If you choose to do so, I appreciate your support!

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    Thank you for taking the time to put together this with the links. Your blogs have been so helpful as I prepare for my trip this August iA. I picked up the hanging organizer, misting fan, drink mix, gel insoles & padded socks. Will get a few of the clothing you recommended. May Allah reward you for your time.

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