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Last week's blog post featured a Ramadan and Eid decor shopping guide.

This week I'm featuring a gift guide of 10+ favorite Islamic toys, books and other products!

I've also included a short review on the Quran Cube which we received in an instagram giveaway!

Continue reading for an AMAZING list of products for Ramadan and Eid gifts!



I may be biased, but of course YFT's grandma (aka my mom) series is a must have for all the readers out there!

There are not many books featuring Muslim kids solving mysteries, being adventurous,   for pre-teens, teens, or even adults who love a mystery adventure!

Moon of Masarrah

Sign of the Scorpion



Quran Cube - We received this Quran Cube in an instagram giveaway!

It's a cool and useful product! It has a TON of things on here - Qur'an (with 31 reciters), Nasheeds (English, Arabic and Urdu), Seerah, and Prophet Stories too.

We've had it for about two weeks. The sound is crisp, and it can go quite loud. The buttons function great and don't feel cheap - it's a well made product for sure.

Quran Cube also functions as a touch lamp, an alarm clock and adhan clock too. They really thought of everything. The new version comes with a remote. Our giveaway version didn't come with the remote. However, it's easy enough to operate with the buttons on top, although the remote would be more convenient.

-The outer packaging is very sturdy and comparable to any other electronic device like a phone or ipad.

-It comes with a full instruction guide and track list.

-It charges by USB cable, which is included. I find it lasts a couple hours on a full charge.

-Comes with a velvet dust bag which is great for storing traveling!

-There are a few LED colors and levels of brightness too.

-It's about $80 USD.

-The only other FYI I would say is that it is a British voice for the main menu! Not sure if the USA store version is different in that regard.

Click Here for Quran Cube USA store to purchase and Here for UK.


Jasmine + Marigold - We're so excited to get our Eid pajamas that we ordered for all the kids!


This 'Happy Llamadan' onesie is a catchy phrase!


noor's knits kufi

Noor's Knits - Of course we love her Knit Kufis !

I contacted Noor's Knits to make a few custom colors to match YFT thobes. I love the quality and the color selection! And you can order matching kufis for dad and son which is nice!

Love this boys' Crochet Vest too!

For women, these Tassel Earrings are SO lovely!! (I've been eyeing them!) 


The Muslim Moon - These adorable salaah mats for kids are pretty, cute, and cool!


Handmade Beginnings -

I LOVE the advent calendar we purchased last year. If you don't have one, I highly recommend purchasing one from Handmade Beginnings!

Ramadan White Zellige Advent Calendar


Even More Products:

Plush Doll Zakariyyah, Maryam, Ruqayyah


ThinkerNation Arabic Spell and Learn Puzzle

EQ Quran Arabic Learning Tablet

Jumbo Arabic Letters Flash Cards

Quran Smart Touch LED Lamp (similar to Quran Cube, if you're willing to test the quality out)

Quran Cube Pillow


Even More Books, available on

Arabic Alphabet Board Book by Asma Wahab

Salam Alaikum by Harris J

Ilyas & Duck Ramadan Joy by Omar S. Khawaja


What are your top picks for Islamic products and books? Which ones are you picking up from this list? Let me know in the comments!

Hope this is helpful!

-Ammara | @ammaraza

BE IN THE KNOW when the new YFT thobes launch by following YFTbyammaraza on facebook and instagram! Thanks for your support in advance, I truly appreciate it!


 *Links in this post are potential affiliate links. I earn a commission through Amazon's Affiliates program (pending my approval into the Affiliates program) if you make a purchase through my Amazon links, which helps support my business, at no extra cost to you! If you choose to do so, I appreciate your support!

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