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Salaam all,

This year I had to shut down thobe production. I wasn't sure what to do about my website this year, with no new products to launch.

The most popular blog posts are the Ramadan and Eid Decor Posts. So I put together this handy guide featuring decor, books, clothing and gifts!

We all know it's not the same Ramadan this year.

Especially if you're in a social distancing, quarantined, lockdown, shelter in place type location - wherever it may be, we're all affected somehow by the global pandemic of Covid19.

I don't know about you, but it seems more important to set my heart and home to make Ramadan and Eid just as amazing as it normally is. 

Below is a short list of my favorite products for this year! As usual, I choose product/companies I truly love and purchase from.


p.s. If you want to order a YFT thobe, please email



Display signs from Days of Eid
Hanging decorations and balloons from Siraj Store 
A lunar scratch-off countdown poster from Waraq Paper
String lights, table settings, from With a Spin
Kids' Ramadan dinosaur theme t-shirts and pajamas from Twocraftistas
Ramadan Nights pajamas from Twinkled Eid
Pajamas and t-shirts from Jasmine + Marigold.
My First Ramadan baby onesies on Amazon, and also these with more color choices!
Ramadan Activity book, Quran board book and puzzle set, Ilyas and Duck: Ramadan Joy, and many more books on their Ramadan and Eid collection page on Crescent Moon Bookstore.
 A personalized Eid story featuring your kids names by Wish Upon My Story. I ordered this for my daughter and I'm excited to receive it!
Personalized baby name blankets, swaddles, t-shirts and more from Jasmine + Marigold.
Kids room decor and fun prayer rugs from With a Spin
Unique and personalized name jewelry in Arabic script, and hometown and moon collections, too, found at Nominal.
And of course, The Moon of Masarrah series by Farah Zaman, aka my mom! The second book in the series, The Sign of the Scorpion and the third book, The Hour of the Oryx is available on Amazon now.
For MORE decor ideas and gift guides, click on the TAGS at the top of this blog post!
Quick links to last year's shopping guides: Decor Guide, Islamic Gifts, and Little Kids Gifts and Big Kids Gifts.
-Ammara | @ammaraza
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