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2018 Recap: Endings and Beginnings

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What a year 2018 has been! It's been about my 2nd year as an entrepreneur designing boys thobes. I started out the year excited to work on new designs especially bigger boys sizes and girls designs. But child care issues, moving in with my parents temporarily, and all those challenges of being a working mom, until finally resigning from my job, were a few things that took so much time and mental energy to get through.
I think us moms tend to make it look effortless but there is so much that goes on to make working mom life or mompreneur life work. Pick-up and drop-offs, sick days, planning meals, laundry, and homework time, is enough of a job that it's a struggle to do more.
And when I finally resigned from my job, I had to come to terms with what I thought would bring me great relief, actually did the opposite: it left me more confused and anxious than I ever was.
Thankfully, I was able to work through those challenges 2018 brought. Even though SO many goals I had for YFT did not manifest this year, I'm still happy with the tiny steps of progress I've made because I know I gave my best efforts. And I can say I'm ending this year feeling happy and content which I haven't truly felt in a long while.
I also am happy to end the year with having YFT thobes at the MAS-ICNA convention in Chicago! Thanks to Chicago based modest boutique KINZA for making that happen. KINZA will also be one of our permanent retailers. Follow their page on facebook and instagram, they are launching an online store soon! (They also stock my FAVORITE women's modest fashion brands).
I pray that 2019 brings more good energy and success for YFT.
Thank you for your support this year, your duaas and comments are appreciated more than you know!
Love and blessings for the new year, inshaAllah.
-Ammara (@ammaraza)

The online store is closed until April 2019. InshaAllah I'll relaunch with new designs, more sizes, and possibly a whole new website!

Keep up-to-date on YFT on our facebook and instagram pages. Thanks for your support in advance, I truly appreciate it!

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