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eid eid gift guide kids eid gift guide

The first set of our Eid Gift Guides is finally here! Kicking it off with simple one for Islamic Toys and Books. This is a great starting list for kids 2-7!

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1. Eid Countdown Craft Kit


We love activity crates, so as soon as I saw this Eid Countdown Craft Kit I knew I had to purchase it!  The full size kit is now sold out, but here is the mini version! And just in time for Eid there is the Brighten up your Eid parcel and The Eid Box! We've been working through the Full Size Eid countdown box, and so far I think it's a great kit for ages 6 and up.

2. Arabic Alphabet Puzzle Mat

A great classic item for learning Arabic letters. I suggest for ages 6 and up since it does have small removable parts.

3. Arabic Letter Puzzle Board

 Another great learning tool for Arabic letters.

 4. Arabic Spell and Learn Puzzle


This set is about spelling and recognizing Arabic words (and I think adults can use it too!)

5. Imam Adam Doll and Book

I was intrigued when I saw this book and doll combo! Especially that it is a little more boy-friendly. We don't have this, but it's on our list! 

6. Little Maysoor Zakariyyah Plush Doll


 Super cute for ages 2-6! Love the girl version too!

7. Zair Zabr Play Qur'an Activity Book 

 How cool is this board book? It's so fun, simple and educational!

8. Salam Alaikum - Harris J

Limited stock on this book with this new discounted price! It's a fun easy book with a great message and a must have if your kids love the song.

9. Ilyas and Duck & the Fantastic Festival of Eid-ul-Fitr


We've had this book since my son was two, and five years later he still loves it!  I love that it mentions other holidays to show that Eid is a holiday like any other faith group. The duck character is cute and the animation has funny little parts in it that my son has noticed as he got older! I'm adding A Zakat Tale which is the newest book.

10. Rashad's Ramadan and Eid


 An easy to read book for young kids with beautiful illustration. It includes Ramadan and Eid which I love.

11. Eid Loot Bags - various stores!


From left: 1. Eid Creations // 2. Jasmine + Marigold // 3. With a Spin


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  • Farzana rahman on

    These are beautiful kids theme for Muslims in gifting purposes

  • Farzana Rahman on

    These are beautiful kids theme for Muslims in gifting purposes

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  • Farzana Rahman on

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